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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Treat Grey Hair In A Natural Way

Premature greying of hair is a problem faced by many. There is no minimum age bar for your natural hair to turn grey. This change is more noticeable with individuals who have a dark hair color.

Today, many school going children are also victims of this. It makes some feel uneasy in public , while some lose on confidence. This feeling is natural! Simple reason being, our hair is one of the most precious part of our life as well as our look! And above all , everyone of us would love to have healthy looking hair!

Majority of adults make use of hair color to cover up the grey's. Hair colors are loaded with chemicals and I would not advice their frequent use. Painting your scalp with hair color frequently , means it to chemicals.

Even if your hair color is the most expensive in the market, I would not recommend its frequent use . Try to use it once a month or occasionally.

Touching up of grey hair can be done naturally using Henna. The scientific name for it is Lawsonia Inermis. Many of us must have already heard about it and used it as well. It has been in use to dye hair, temporary tattooing hands, etc since antiquity.

The name is misused for other skin and hair dyes, such as black henna or neutral henna, which do not derive from the plant.

Heena should be applied atleast once a month. Apart from adding silk and shine to your hair, it also treats dandruff, thus making your hair look healthy and bouncy.  

Preparation of henna mixture needs:

1) Plain Dark black tea(without milk and sugar) - strained and cooled at room temperature.

2) 3 Table spoon beetroot juice - adds color to you hair

3) 1 egg - conditiones your hair

Mix heena powder with tea to form a smooth paste. Leave it overnight.

Next day, mix 1 egg and beetroot juice. Before applying heena , massage your scalp and hair with lukewarm coconut oil. Leave it for one hour.

Apply heena uniformly. Keep it for 2 hrs 30 mins.

Wash your hair without applying soap /shampoo. Your hair may seem a little oily but will surely result in a better hair color.

Towel dry your hair.
The next day you can wash your hair normally , using a shampoo. Repeat towel drying of hair.
You will notice the change in your hair immediately. People who have sinus/cold problem may leave heena on their hair for a shorter duration. Avoid sitting in an air-conditioned room while it is applied on your hair.

Thus color your hair naturally!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Healthy Breakfast Plan

A nutritious breakfast has been been proved to be a good investment for a healthy life. It is the most important meal than any other meals.  Studies have shown that children who eat a healthy breakfast do better in school. Furthermore adults too feel better and perform better at work as well.

Brown Bread
Skipping breakfast will make you feel drowsy and tired .  This is when your brain and body run low on fuel.  You will find yourself nibbling some unhealthy food or gulping in some coffee.

Or perhaps your mood might make you a little prone to make unhealthy food choices during lunch . This could have an adverse effect on your work /studies and health  too!

Most of us on diet tend to skip this important meal , in order to lose weight faster. Following this type of diet could work in the reverse order too!  Are you aware of the fact that hunger makes you gain weight ?
Omelette with Salad Leaves
Science has proved that individuals who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight and more likely to exercise than non-breakfast eaters.

One should avoid keeping their stomach in an empty state. Let us start with the breakfast plan.

There are certain golden rules of having a "PERFECT" breakfast.

Rule 1 : Eat Mindfully . You dont have to meditate while eating. Relax and eat. You could even read a newspaper.

Rule 2 : Sit and eat - Even if for 5 minutes.

Rule 3 : Chew properly . Don't just dump the  food into your stomach.

1. Start you day with a glass of water. This helps to flush out all the impurities in  your body. Proves a wonder in bowels

2. Next, you could include an ommlette with salad leaves. If you prefer, use one whole egg and two egg whites; you'll still consume fewer calories, less fat and less cholesterol than using whole eggs alone.

Egg-whites would have been a better option. If you are a vegetarian opt for baked pulses, oatmeal, cornflakes, sprouted beans etc. 

3. 2-3 slices of brown bread or soya bread. Indians could opt for non-greasy chapatis (fulkas) made of wheat flour or jowar flour. It is always nutritious to mix a portion of jowar or soya  flour into wheat flour.

4. Muffins, croissants, donuts, biscuits and cinnamon buns should only be an occasional indulgence.

5. One bowl of mixed fruits. Add whichever fruits you like, but try to keep a variety. A colorful bowl of fruits to a wonderful health!

6. One glass of fresh fruit juice or milk shake or just milk. Avoid canned products, even though they claim to be made of fresh fruits. Preservatives should be kept out!
7. At the end , nibble on some dry fruits : 2 unpeeled almonds(soaked overnight), 3 pistachios,5 raisins  (black and green).

Following this breakfast plan would definately satisfy you stomach. For junk food eaters,  this could be a little tough in the beginning.  But I bet , you will not repent for taking this step! 

In addition to a healthy breakfast,  make it a point to exercise regularly. Even in your hectic schedule , spare 15 minutes for stretching yourself.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



This fruit is a very good source of vitamin A and vitamin E.
Avocado oil extracted from the seeds maintains skin tone and elasticity. It is extensively used as a softener for rough and dry or flaking skin.
Improves the growth rate of hair when massaged into the scalp.
Best eaten raw and ripe and proves good for the heart as well as circulation.
Is Cancer-protective.

This fruit is a very good source of vitamin C and Potassium.
Contains natural oils that work perfectly as skin softeners.
The rich vitamins and nutrients work wonders for improving hair elasticity.
Banana peels can be used to heal acne , by rubbing the inside of the banana peel over the acne.
Improves skin complexion.
Useful in fighting off the first signs of aging.

This fruit is a very good source of vitamin A.
Regarded as the 'herbal healer' of skin diseases as they promote the repair of skin tissue.
Helps smoothen rough skin patches and tones the skin.
Used to treat dermatitis, eczema, rashes and wrinkles caused by free radicals.
Good for eyes. 

Helps in the reduction of dark circles as well as puffiness around the eyes.
Helps to lighten acne marks.
Cucumber masks work wonders for oily skin.
Brightens , tightens, lightens and softens the skin.
Very low in calories , hence good to include in a diet plan.

 Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries
These fruits are packed with antioxidants as well as their own natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Help in soothing the skin and repairing surface cells. Hence are used in skin creams.

Makes a soothing skin cream that ensures a radiant and glowing complexion.

Helps to stave off signs of aging by starting new tissue regeneration.
Contains flavonoids, which is good for heart and body.
Considered as a "Wonder Drug". Garlic for treating tumors, ulcers, snakebite, wounds, headaches, heart diseases, cancer, pimples, measles , etc.
Also prevents infections such as the common cold, cough because of its Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-viral property.

Contain polyphernols, which hydrate both the hair and skin.

Act as a natural skin bleach and softener.
Used on rough elbows, knees, or foot.

Full of antioxidants and nutrients that work to protect skin from damaging UV rays.

Contains a powerful enzyme that helps eliminate dead skin while protecting it from free radicals.

Helps to alleviate dark circles underneath the eyes.

Natural tooth whitener.

Rich in lycopene which helps to fight free radicals.
Works wonders for lightening acne marks
Reduces pimples

Helps to soothe sunburn
Makes minor skin repairs by encouraging tissue regeneration.
Best fruit ever to be included in a diet plan

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Home Facial

Are you an office-goer?OR  Do you want to cut down on spending?OR  You have no time for visiting beauty salons/parlours?OR  Aren't you satisfied by the services offered by your beautician?

If your answer is "YES" to all, then you have hit the right place 'HEALTH N BEAUTY'. I am a office- goer too and want to avoid spending long hours at the parlour  waiting for my turn to come. WHY? ...Simply because my job does not permit me to do so :(
Therefore I have come up with a solution which will yield me good results as well as save on time n money as well.

I have decided today's topic will be Home Facial
Facial is an easy process , if correct procedure is followed. Else it could lead to negative results.
So here we go...
Number of facials: 1
Duration : 1 hour
Things we need :
a. Branded Facial Kit (I would prefer VLCC, Shahnaz Hussain or Biotique)
b. Steamer for face steaming
c. blackhead remover tool
d. Cleanser
e. Cotton/Sponge
f. Ice Cubes
g. Cold water

A facial kit normally includes a scrub, gel, face massage cream, face pack and a face lotion.
Take appropriate amount of cleanser and apply with fingertips to your face, neck and ears. Follow anti-clockwise circular movements. Massage for 2 minutes.

Dampen the sponge/cotton and wipe off the cleanser in upward direction. At this point all the dirt  settled on our face has been partially removed

To remove deep-seated dirt and dry skin cells, you need to  scrub your face. Apply the scrub all over the face provided in the facial kit . With wet fingertips massage it gently starting from your neck  and ending on your forehead. Follow anti-clockwise circular movements. Massage for 4-5 minutes.

Dampen the sponge/cotton and wipe off the scrub in upward direction.

Step 3)Steam
Follow instructions as given on the steamer. Place the steamer in front of you. Lean over and cover your head with a towel so that the steam will directly reach your face. Before that cover your eyes with damp cotton balls. 

Eyes being delicate should be kept away from the steam.  Maintain proper distance between your face and the steamer, so that you do not burn your face. Take steam for around 4-5 minutes.

Put off the steamer and wipe you face with the sponge. Hot steam will open up your pores. If you have problems with blackheads and whiteheads, you can try removing them with the blackhead remover tool and a cotton ball. Never squeeze pimples/blackheads with your fingers , which may leave ugly scars.

Step 4) Cooling
Rub an ice cube over your face and neck for a minute. Apply the gel(cucumber) provided. Massage it for 6-7 minutes till it is absorbed into the skin .

Step 4) Face Massage
Apply the massage cream provided with the kit. Massage for about 20 minutes or as mentioned. Massage  with wet fingertips for better results.

Step 5)Face Pack
Place a facial mask all over your face. Just follow the instructions on the back of the product that you are using.Cover your eyes with damp cotton balls and lie in a resting position. Keep this pack for 15-20 minutes till it dries.

Dampen the sponge/cotton and wipe off the facial mask . Rub an ice cube over your face and neck for a minute. Dry your skin with a soft towel.

Step 6) Toning
In order to refresh your skin and get rid of excess oil, apply the toner or the face lotion provided. Special attention should be given  to your nose, forehead and chin. If you have extremely dry skin, you can skip this step.

Step 7) Moisturize
After the cleansing, rinsing, steaming and toning, your face is now ready to get moisturized. You can apply moisturiser after the facial or before going to bed.

You'll have a glowing and clean  skin . You can achieve better results after  2-3 days of facial. Hence if you are gearing up for an occasion , carry out the facial process 2-3 days before the occasion.

Steaming is an optional process. You can skip it depending on your skin type.
I have an oily skin and VLCC Fruit Facial proved better than the others which I tried.

That's it!!!!! isn't it easy? Do not waste your time and get ready for a home facial. Before that please don't  forget to leave a comment!!!