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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Healthy Breakfast Plan

A nutritious breakfast has been been proved to be a good investment for a healthy life. It is the most important meal than any other meals.  Studies have shown that children who eat a healthy breakfast do better in school. Furthermore adults too feel better and perform better at work as well.

Brown Bread
Skipping breakfast will make you feel drowsy and tired .  This is when your brain and body run low on fuel.  You will find yourself nibbling some unhealthy food or gulping in some coffee.

Or perhaps your mood might make you a little prone to make unhealthy food choices during lunch . This could have an adverse effect on your work /studies and health  too!

Most of us on diet tend to skip this important meal , in order to lose weight faster. Following this type of diet could work in the reverse order too!  Are you aware of the fact that hunger makes you gain weight ?
Omelette with Salad Leaves
Science has proved that individuals who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight and more likely to exercise than non-breakfast eaters.

One should avoid keeping their stomach in an empty state. Let us start with the breakfast plan.

There are certain golden rules of having a "PERFECT" breakfast.

Rule 1 : Eat Mindfully . You dont have to meditate while eating. Relax and eat. You could even read a newspaper.

Rule 2 : Sit and eat - Even if for 5 minutes.

Rule 3 : Chew properly . Don't just dump the  food into your stomach.

1. Start you day with a glass of water. This helps to flush out all the impurities in  your body. Proves a wonder in bowels

2. Next, you could include an ommlette with salad leaves. If you prefer, use one whole egg and two egg whites; you'll still consume fewer calories, less fat and less cholesterol than using whole eggs alone.

Egg-whites would have been a better option. If you are a vegetarian opt for baked pulses, oatmeal, cornflakes, sprouted beans etc. 

3. 2-3 slices of brown bread or soya bread. Indians could opt for non-greasy chapatis (fulkas) made of wheat flour or jowar flour. It is always nutritious to mix a portion of jowar or soya  flour into wheat flour.

4. Muffins, croissants, donuts, biscuits and cinnamon buns should only be an occasional indulgence.

5. One bowl of mixed fruits. Add whichever fruits you like, but try to keep a variety. A colorful bowl of fruits to a wonderful health!

6. One glass of fresh fruit juice or milk shake or just milk. Avoid canned products, even though they claim to be made of fresh fruits. Preservatives should be kept out!
7. At the end , nibble on some dry fruits : 2 unpeeled almonds(soaked overnight), 3 pistachios,5 raisins  (black and green).

Following this breakfast plan would definately satisfy you stomach. For junk food eaters,  this could be a little tough in the beginning.  But I bet , you will not repent for taking this step! 

In addition to a healthy breakfast,  make it a point to exercise regularly. Even in your hectic schedule , spare 15 minutes for stretching yourself.


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Coffee Girl said...

The omelet looks so yummy! Thank God i dont skip breakfast.

cahya said...

wah tasty, the food looks very delicius. My breakfast is usually just with rice and side dishes, healthy is not well.?

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aiseh silap datang time rehat... makin lapo dibuatnya

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deangraziosi said...

I love to having dry fruits during the day instead of in the morning, nice posting it is.
dean graziosi